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Ben Johns vs. JW Johnson – 2022 US Open Men’s Singles GOLD Highlights

The undisputed #1 player in the world Ben Johns takes on the strong up and comer JW Johnson looking to dethrone the reigning US Open champ.

Ben Johns 2022 PPA Red Rock Open – Full Championship Sunday Highlights

Highlights from Sunday at the PPA Red Rock Open – Ben Johns

Top 10 Anna Leigh Waters Insane Pickleball Rallies PPA

Anna Leigh Waters is the #1 womens pickleball player in the world today…and she’s only 15 years old. Pickleball is not an old person, un-athletic persons sport!

PPA Orlando Cup Pickleball Mixed Doubles Gold Newman/Parenteau Vs Irvine/Devilliers

Watch pro pickleball and one of the best matches from the PPA Orlando Cup as Jessie Irvine and Jay Devilliers team up for the first time to take on team Takeya Riley Newman and Catherine Parenteau in this gold medal match!

Pickleball Pro Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match – Tournament of Champions

Enjoy this great match with some of the best pickleball players in the world: Ben Johns and Simone Jardim VS. Riley Newman and Catherine Parenteau

14-year Old DOMINATES en Route to 2 Titles | PPA Orlando Cup via Tennis Channel | Pro Pickleball

The Pro Pickleball Association Orlando Cup was aired on the Tennis Channel for the first time. This clip features an intense point between eventual champions and mother-daughter duo Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters against the #1 ranked Simone Jardim and Lucy Kovalova.

10 INSANE Points From the 2021 US Open of Pickleball

We searched far and wide to pull out the best points from a wild week in Naples, FL for the 2021 Pickleball US Open.

ELEVEN Jaw-Dropping Points from the 19+ Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match at USAPA Nationals VIII

You know, Top 10 just wasn’t enough! Here are eleven jaw-dropping points from the 19+ Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match at USAPA Nationals VIII. Wes Gabrielsen and Kyle Yates take on…

Pickleball Rally of The Year! (174 shots) PLUS Killer Attacking Finish

This is one of the longest pro pickleball rallies that you will EVER see. Watch, enjoy and see if you can learn to do what they do…

Top 10 Pickleball Plays of the Year – 2020

Sometimes the most unique, jaw dropping, and clutch shots aren’t a part of a great point, but need to be seen nonetheless!

Top 10 Defensive Stands of the Year – 2020

The defensive stand highlights more incredible points, but specifically where one team gets exclusively caught on defense, and ends up winning the point…

7 Insane Points From The 2019 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships

When you gather the best pickleball players in the world together for a week of top notch matches, you are guaranteed to have some unbelievable moments.

Pickleball ATP (Around the Post) Compilation

A compilation of pickleball points with ATP’s – Fall and Winter 2020

Amazing Singles Pickleball Shots: Nationals VII

Singles play in pickleball is amazing! The movement across the court, the speed, and the strategy to set up winning shots is what makes it distinct. Watch these impressive plays…

Top 10 Pickleball Highlights of August 2021

Showcasing the best pickleball highlights from the 4 August pro tournaments around the country:
– PPA Newport Beach Takeya Showcase
– PPA Rocky Mountain Showcase
– APP New Jersey Open
– APP Tournament of Champions

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