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Finding the best pickleball paddle to suit your game can be a tricky task. As pickleball continues to explode in popularity across the United States, more pickleball brands are releasing the latest innovations in pickleball paddle tech. Never has it been more difficult to select the paddle that is right for you.


  1. Do your research. there are a few links below to help provide you with more insights.
  2. Demo a few paddles. see which ones you like and which paddle suits your game. Many pro-shops have demo paddles available. Some website provide a 30-day trial period. Again, do your research and demo away. That’s the best way for you to get a feel for the right one for you.
  3. As your game evolves, so might your paddle.


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Pickleball Paddle Videos

Looking for a pair of pickleball shoes? Explore our various resources to help players find the perfect pair of pickleball shoes to fit their style of play.

How to Pick a Pickleball Paddle That’s Right For YOU | In2Pickle

This is the ultimate guide to pickleball paddles. I know this video is long, but it’s necessary in order to jam everything into one single video!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Pickleball Paddle – EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Watch this video to learn the three ways to hold a pickleball paddle. Glen Peterson, pickleball pro, carefully explains each grip and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each grip.

The Ultimate Pickleball Paddle Spin Comparison

Which Pickleball paddle truly puts the most spin on the ball? In this video we put that to the test. I got tired of all the marketing hype from companies and decided to take 29 paddles and test it out myself and see which ones lived up to the hype and which didn’t.

#1 Recommended Pickleball Paddles

We absolutely love the CRBN pickleball paddles. Great combination of insane spin, soft touch and power!  Here’s a blog post where we did a paddle review – CRBN Pickleball Paddle Review.

crbn pickleball paddle - best pickleball paddle for spin

CRBN Pickleball Paddle

The CRBN Pickleball Paddle features a raw T700 carbon fiber face with a honeycomb polypropylene core. Carbon fiber is the optimal choice of material for paddles. Not only does it produce insane amounts of spin, but it also provides a massive sweet spot with the perfect balance of power and control.

13mm thickness for more power.

16mm thickness for more touch.

Both models come with insane spin!


*Use code PBINSIGHTS10 for 10% savings on your next / first order

Best Beginner Pickleball Paddles

Here are some links to Amazon for the most popular beginner pickleball paddles.

beginner pickleball paddle

niupipo Pickleball Paddle Set – AMAZON BEST SELLER

Over 3,200 ratings. One of the best beginner paddle sets available. 2 Pickleball Racquet 4 Pickleball Balls 1 Bag, Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, Graphite Face Cushion 4.25In Grip Pickleball.


pickleball paddle for beginners

HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle (Fiberglass Finish)

This fiberglass paddle takes advantage of HEAD’s most popular tech. A polypropylene honeycomb core is paired with a new Ergo Grip for the perfect touch everytime with minimal vibration.


beginner pickleball paddle set

GRM Pickleball Set (Graphite Face)

Over 2,100 ratings. GRM graphite pickleball paddle is made of very durable graphite face, which has excellent strength and stiffness. The combination structure perfectly conforms power and control, allowing you to train like a professional player.


Pickleball Central - Pickleball Paddle Review

A great resource for pickleball paddle insights is on pickleball central.


Picky Pickleball Paddles

Another great pickleball paddle review guide is on picky pickleball website.


Pickleball Paddle Guide

Some additional insights from pickleballguide.net.


Rec Room Pick - Pickleball Paddles

And yet another guide from recroompick.com


Finding Your First Pickleball Paddle Article
Selecting the right pickleball paddle can be daunting, however it’s super important. Do your research, demo paddles and have fun!


How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle
Choosing a pickleball paddle does not need to be a tough process. Breaking things down into smaller sections makes it much easier.


crbn Pickleball Paddle Review
crbn Pickleball has launched two insane paddles (13mm and 16mm) for a perfect balance of power, spin and touch. Do yourself and your game a favor – check this paddle out ASAP.



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