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Pickleball Singles Videos

Explore our curated list of pickleball singles videos created by pickleball professionals to teach viewers both basic and advanced pickleball singles strategies.

Singles Pickleball for Dummies

New to singles pickleball? This quick video helps you understand some of the strategy behind the 1 v 1 game. Learn how to serve and return effectively…

5 Key Singles Strategies For Any Level

New To Pickleball Singles? Having the right game plan in singles is key since there is so much more court to cover. Here are our Top 5 Strategy Tips… 

Pickleball Singles-Not Sure How to Play? Start with Skinny Singles

Always played doubles and your not sure how to play pickleball singles? It’s different from doubles and Skinny Singles is a great way to get started…  

Pickleball Singles Strategy For Offensive Returning

Do you know where you should be returning in pickleball singles? Maybe not since practically nobody talks about singles. Here’s what to do….

Coach Simone Jardim | Pickleball Skinny Singles

Simone Jardim demonstrates the strategies and tips of Pickleball Skinny Singles…

#1 Ben Johns vs. #3 Jay Devilliers – Men’s Singles GOLD Highlights – 2021 PPA Orange County Cup

A new matchup in the PPA finals. World #1 Ben Johns captures another pickleball singles title at the hands of World #3 Jay Devilliers.

Ben Johns vs Tyson McGuffin – 2021 US Open Men’s Singles GOLD Highlights

The top 2 pickleball singles players in the game met for a rematch from the 2019 US Open, and did not disappoint with a 3 game thriller.

Pickleball Singles Articles

Brush up on your pickleball singles knowledge and browse our list of pickleball articles aimed at overviewing strategies and tips for pickleball singles.

Pickleball Singles — Scoring & Strategy

With twice the court to cover, singles requires a strategy that leverages quickness, anticipation, and the ability to hit a variety of shots. Learn the best strategies to improve you play


Singles Pickleball Strategies | Tips For Beginner To Advanced

Discover strategies and better your technique to adapt to singles playing. With singles having more of an emphasis on power and speed, master what it takes to win without a partner


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