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How to BEND Your Slice Return and Force a Bad 3rd Shot in Pickleball

Want to rally and make it hard for your opponents to score points? Then you simply must do damage with your return. Here’s a great way to force the serving team to make tough…

Coach Phil | How to get Quick Hands in Pickleball Volleys

Phil Metz, an instructor at Peak Performance Pickleball Academy demonstrates some great drills to help with developing quick hands in volleys with students Simone Jardim and Eddie.

5 Awesome Shots to Add to Your Pickleball Arsenal

In last week’s video, I talked about the importance of having a wide selection of shots to use in your games. Learning new shots is fun and in today’s video I talk you through…

Defending Against The Pickleball Body Shot – Mini-Lesson with Sarah Ansboury

One of the most important shots in pickleball is how to defend against the body shot. As you increase your skills and play more advanced players, you will encounter more players…

3 Ways To Hit A Legal Ernie In Pickleball

Have you ever wanted to hit an Erne but just don’t know how to get it done effectively while keeping it a legal shot? In this video we cover 3 ways to hit a legal Erne in pickleball.

Coach Joey | The “Erne” – How, Why and When to hit it

Simone Jardim is joined by Joey Farias and Wyatt Stone, as Joey shows the proper way to hit a forehand and backhand “erne” shot, named after pickleball legend Erne Perry…

Coach Dekel | ATP – Around The Post

Simone and Dekel Bar cover hitting the #aroundthepost​ or ATP shot in #pickleball​, which can be a deadly offensive shot when done correctly and with patience.

How To Avoid Getting Jammed With Pickleball Body Shots To The Shoulder

Getting attacked to your paddle side shoulder? Here’s how to defend that shot…it’s not what you think!

Pickleball Stacking Strategy

Simone Jardim goes in-depth into the strategy and application of pickleball stacking​, as well as shows the reasons why stacking can help setup a team for success.

Coach Phil | Cover the Middle in Pickleball

Do you get confused on who covers the middle in #pickleball​? Coach Phil Metz, with the help of Simone Jardim and Becky Ryan explains who should cover the middle…

When To ATTACK Their Dink PLUS What To Do With Those Pesky Midheight Balls

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Getting Beat By Quick Hands At The Net? Do This!

Often find yourself on the losing end of pickleball shoutouts at the net? Here’s what you need to do to turn it around and win the point…

How To Take Dinks Out Of The Air | An Easy Way to Learn & Master the Volley Dink

Mastering taking ball out of the air at the NVZ line is a critical skill to develop if you want to become a feared opponent on the pickleball court and win more games.

The Pickleball Forehand Roll Attack with Collins Johns

Want to attack from below the net? Use the Forehand Roll! Pickleball Pro player Collin Johns shows us how it’s done…

Don’t Dink Crosscourt When You See These TWO Things in Pickleball

You’ve likely heard that in pickleball, one of the best dinks to use is the crosscourt dink. We recommend it, as do most coaches, and we’ll recap why that is in today’s video but there are conditions under which it is not necessarily best.

Learn to ATTACK With This Sneaky Pickleball Shot!

It’s important to know how to attack once you get to a certain level in pickleball. Similar to having a really good cross-court dink for a setup, a proper attack can lead to great things for yourself and your team. But this time though, we’re making this shot as sneaky as possible.

Stop Standing HERE in Pickleball (why you’re losing)

Getting comfortable in the pickleball transition zone is a skill you will want to develop because if it doesn’t phase you to dig shots out from there then you will be a total nightmare for your opponents.

Backhand Slice Success | How To Hit A Great Pickleball Backhand Slice

Generally in pickleball, the backhand is the weaker side for most people. As a result many servers will target your backhand. In this video we discuss the pickleball backhand slice.

Pickleball 3.5 Articles

Brush up on your pickleball 3.5 knowledge and browse our list of pickleball articles aimed at overviewing strategies and tips for pickleball 3.5 players.

How USA Pickleball Defines Player Skill Ratings

Discover how players skills are ranked and find out your starting point to best improve at the level that best suits your current skill


Getting to 3.5

Level 3.5 is generally classified as an intermediate skill level. Learn what it takes to classify for the 3.5 level and if you are at the appropriate level


What's your pickleball skill-level rating?

The article gives a comprehensive breakdown of the different ratings and the required skills to be at each level.


Pickleball Skill Levels
Like all sports, in pickleball there are varying pickleball skill levels. The most common ratings you’ll hear about are 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0, however ratings can vary from 1.0 to 5.0, and professional.


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