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Want to break into the top tier of pickleball players? Browse our library of pickleball 4.0 videos, specifically curated for advanced pickleball players.

4 Key Pickleball Skills to 4.0 and Beyond

Want to get to 4.0? These are the keys skills that you need in order to compete at the 4.0 level and beyond…

Ben Johns | How to Hit a Backhand Roll

Pickleball champion Simone Jardim welcomes Ben Johns onto the court to demonstrate how he hits his backhand roll shot!

The #1 ATTACK That Puts Your Opponents in THE MOST Trouble

Are you using the most deadly attacking shots? It’s more than just about hitting it as hard as you can. Here’s how to attack so that the ball doesn’t come back…

Tyson McGuffin Pickleball Coaching- 9 Week Fundamental Series- Week #2 The Slice Push Dink – 4.0+

Tyson McGuffin Pickleball Coaching- 9 Week Fundamental Series- Week #2 The Slice Push Dink for 4.0 + Players. When do you use a Slice Push Dink? Is there a right time…

3 Ways to ATTACK Dinks & Dominate The Net

Are you waiting for a dink pop up to attack? If so, you’re missing out on opportunities to take charge of the point. Here are 3 ways to attack dinks and dominate at the net…

Pickleball Roll Volley (4.0+)

Tyson McGuffin Pickleball Coaching- 9 Week Fundamental Series- Week #8 The Roll Volley for 4.0+ Players.

What’s Keeping A 3.5 Form Reaching 4.0 and A 4.0 From Reaching 4.5 Level in Pickleball?

Pickleball pro / coach Sarah Ansboury demonstrates taking balls out of the air vs letting them bounce, body / arm position and not being afraid of playing in the transition zone.

These 2 Tips will INCREASE your Pickleball Serve Speed!

In this video, we share how we were able to add 10+MPH to our pickleball serve and how you might be able to too!

These 4 Pickleball Shots Will Help You Get to 4.0

If you want to get to 4.0 and beyond, these pickleball shots are some that you can start with. Make sure that you practice hard at these! They will make a huge difference once mastered.

Pickleball 4.0 Articles

Brush up on your pickleball 4.0 knowledge and browse our list of pickleball articles aimed at overviewing strategies and tips for pickleball 4.0 players.

How USA Pickleball Defines Player Skill Ratings

Discover how players skills are ranked and find out your starting point to best improve at the level that best suits your current skill


Ranking Your Skill Level

The following skill level sets are a guide for evaluating your own level. They were developed utilizing both existing guidelines listed by the USAPA on their website and refinements by larger pickleball clubs.


The Road from 3.5 to 4.0

This article details a regular tournament player’s thoughts on how to progress from 3.5 to 4.0


Pickleball Skill Levels
Like all sports, in pickleball there are varying pickleball skill levels. The most common ratings you’ll hear about are 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0, however ratings can vary from 1.0 to 5.0, and professional. READ MORE

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