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Common Pickleball Rules Questions ANSWERED!

The most common type question I get in pickleball is about the rules. And no other type of question comes even close! In this pickleball rules video, I will take you through some of the most common…

Pickleball Rules Video | How to play Pickleball | Beginner’s Guide

Easy way to explain pickleball rules by showing animation of a game! The terms used are for the purpose of making it easy to understand for beginners.

Pickleball Rules Articles

Brush up on your pickleball knowledge and browse our list of pickleball articles aimed at overviewing both basic and advanced pickleball rules.

USA Pickleball Official Rulebook

The official book that states each and every rule within Pickleball. Formally recognized as the guide for Pickleball play by the International Pickleball Federation. Updated every year with new regulations, if it’s not in this book it’s not a rule.


USA Pickleball Rules Summary

A brief overview of the rules of pickleball is found on the official site of USA Pickleball. Not as in-depth but more than enough to grasp the rules of the game


USA Pickleball 2021 Rules Change Document

The document specifically detailing all the new and improved rules made for the 2021 year of pickleball. Update every year with all the new changes made


Basic Written Pickleball Rules With Diagrams

Another reiteration of the pickleball rules, but with added graphics and diagrams to more clearly explain the rules. Especially helpful for beginners


Pickleball Serving Rules
Serving in pickleball is critical and one of the first skills worked on by beginner players. Serving starts the point and is done by all players on the court. The pickleball serving rules are fairly straightforward, however there are a few nuances which must be understood and adhered to.


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