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Start your set off with a bang and explore our library of professionally created pickleball videos aimed at improving your pickleball serving game.

5 Tips for PERFECT Pickleball Serve Technique

Pickleball serve not as consistent or powerful as you want it to be? One of these 5 pickleball serving tips is probably the reason. Fix these and you’ll nail it every time…

The Basics of Serving In Pickleball

In this video, we talk about the absolute basics of serving in pickleball.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the NEW Drop Serve

Want to add some sizzle to your serve? The NEW drop serve can help you do that! Here are the key things you must know to use the new drop serve correctly.

Five Tips to Improve your Pickleball Game

Want to win more pickleball games and have more fun at the same time? Watch pickleball pro Glen Peterson lay out five ways to get better at pickleball…

The Ultimate Pickleball Chainsaw and Spin Serve Tutorial

The biggest breakdown of the Pickleball Chainsaw serve is here. In this video we teach you how to toss the ball, the different stances you can use, how to hit the ball, how to read the spin from your opponent, slow motion examples, and pro breakdowns…

Pickleball Serving Rules – Are You Violating this ONE?

I’m constantly asked about the pickleball serving rules and to weigh in on what’s the correct pickleball serve. There are 6 rules that deal with the motion of the serve. However, the one I see violated most often seems to be the least discussed…

Pickleball Serves Articles

Improve your pickleball serves and browse our list of articles focused on exploring the various types of serves and how to execute them.

7 Pro Tips for a Killer Pickleball Serve

Instantly improve your skill when it comes to hitting all different types of serves with these 7 tips


Pickleball Tips: #1 Easy Tips To Improve Your Pickleball Serve

Simplify your serve, by following these tips to dramatically increase your serves effectiveness with ways to be consistent from your pre-serve routine and mentality to your technique


Pickleball Serving Rules
Serving in pickleball is critical and one of the first skills worked on by beginner players. Serving starts the point and is done by all players on the court. The pickleball serving rules are fairly straightforward, however there are a few nuances which must be understood and adhered to.


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