Years ago, if you said you played pickleball, the typical response was…WHAT? It was an aspiring new sport which the majority of players 60+ years of age. Now the top female player in the world is Anna Leigh Waters (age 15) and the top male player is Ben Johns (age 23). Pickleball is not your grandparents sport any longer. The game of pickleball has evolved and is the fastest growing sport in the US.

Pickleball Rules

Pickleball is a unique sport with several unique rules. We’ve dedicated a full page of content, including pickleball videos explaining the pickleball rules. For more information, please see the Pickleball Rules page on our website.

Pickleball Courts

With the growth of the sport, we are seeing pickleball courts being created at a rapid pace. A pickleball court has specific dimensions and four pickleball courts can be created using the same space at one tennis court. One of the best resources for finding pickleball courts near you, enjoy the free service by Pickleball Superstore.

Pickleball Paddles, Shoes and Gear

Playing pickleball does require certain equipment. Pickleball paddles are essential and there are many, many, many types of paddles. It’s important to demo paddles to determine which one best fits your game. Check out Pickleball Superstore for a robust selection of paddles, balls, shoes and accessories. Use PBINSIGHTS10 for 10% savings.

You definitely need pickleball shoes / court shoes. Runnings shoes won’t cut it, as they do not have enough lateral support. You are likely to twist your ankle in running shoes, so please don’t use those so you can avoid injuries.

Pickleball Leagues

The main professional pickleball league is the PPA (Professional Pickleball Association). The PPA Tour invites amateurs to come and play at the same venues as the top professionals in the sport of pickleball. No memberships are required to play at the best venues alongside the most exciting pickleball available in the sport.

A rising league is the MLP (Major League Pickleball) and there is also the APP (Association of Pickleball Professionals). Enjoy the players, participate in the pickleball tournaments and/or watch matches via YouTube or Facebook. So much talent and intense competition.

The Future of Pickleball

I’m very bullish on the sport. It’s just the beginning of this sport. Recent investors in the industry, including Gary Vaynerchuk and Tom Dundon, will continue to bring more money, more media, more growth to this sport. And pickleball will be an Olympic sport at some time within the next few games. Let’s go!