Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. In 2020 alone, the sport grew 21.3% from 2019. It’s become an addiction for most, so, without further ado, here are the top 8 reasons you should play pickleball.

1. Pickleball is Easy to Learn

There’s no steep learning curve when it comes to pickleball. Having some background in any racquet sport will definitely help, but it’s not necessary. The scoring is easier and more intuitive than tennis – with most games playing to 11 points.

2. It Won’t Break the Bank

Court fees are substantially lower than an hour of tennis, and facilities typically have demo paddles. But usually, another player will have a spare to share with you. All you need are athletic sneakers unless wherever you’re playing requires indoor court shoes. If you’re looking to upgrade your gear, there’s plenty of makes of pickleball paddles, pickleball bags, pickleball shoes and pickleball apparel.

3. It’s Super Fun

Not only does pickleball have a great name, but it’s also flat-out addicting! It’s very similar to tennis but less frustrating. Mistakes are usually met with laughter, and slapping the ball at each other is part of the fun. Just wait till the dinking starts!

4. Pickleball is Great Exercise

While not cardio-intensive, pickleball still packs a punch. Pickleball doubles isn’t as physically demanding as singles-play is, but you’ll still be moving your body and burning calories. Pickleball is the perfect fit for everyone, from the seasoned athlete to someone who’s looking to pick up their first sport.

5. Find Your Competitive Spirit

Rallies can seemingly go on forever, which ups the ante and the fight to win the point. War cries can be heard across parks and indoor tennis clubs when the point is finally won. Pickleball is competitive, but never unreasonably so. You’ll rarely run into the hot-head who takes themselves too seriously. However, if you are looking to take your pickleball skills to the next level, there are tournaments to enter. Find one near you: https://usapickleball.org/events/

6. Great for Your Social Life

Pickleball groups are filling the courts with thirty or more people. Some will be sitting out waiting their turn while the others are battling away, but the fun continues even on the sidelines where the conversation is the main event. The smaller court size makes the environment more intimate, meaning lots of laughter and smack-talk between points. Call your local club or download the meetup app to find groups in your area.

7. Great for Everyone at Any Level

Anyone of any age and ability can enjoy this sport. Young. Old. Newbie. Pro. All are welcomed on the pickleball court. Just don’t step in the kitchen.

8. Pickleball is Filled with Opportunity

Pickleball is growing at the speed of light, boasting 2.5 million players in the United States alone. Tournaments are popping up more frequently, and most tennis clubs are incorporating pickleball lines on their courts.

After reading these top 8 reasons you should play pickleball, what are you waiting for? Tie up those shoes, pick up that paddle, and get to dinking! We’d love to hear your reasons – comment below and let us know why you love playing Pickleball.